ANTI STATIC: Fabric treated to avoid the build-up of static Electricity

BAMBOO CHARCOAL: This textile fibre extracted from bamboo has the following properties: - antibacterial - rapid drying - breathable - UV resistant

BONDED VISOR: Seamless application of reflective fabric on the visor with hot melt adhesive.

CARBON FIBRE EFFECT FABRIC: The debossed miniottoman fabric of GEAR cap confers to the cap a unique effect which remembers the carbon fibre for an extreme technical look and in perfect motorsport style.

CORDUROY: The name derives from the French “cour du roi”, the king’s court where this fabric was used for the servants’ hunting uniforms. It was known as the “velvet of the poor” as it was made from cotton, rather than silk as in the case of Bagheera velvet. The fabric is very warm as the nap of the ribs forms a cushion of air with an insulating effect.

DAD HAT HISTORY: DAD HAT is from 1990s and made popular by America’s pastime of baseball. It was worn by ball players. It is also known as a floppy cap with an unstructured crown and curved brim and it was the hat worn by almost all dads of that years. It was made by canvas or cotton and it had an adjustable strap in the back for maximum comfort.

DYE FREE TECHNOLOGY: The eco-friendly technology involving colouring the fabric by hot transfer from the colour polymers directly to the yarn without immersion in water, avoiding waste and the emission of dyes into the water.

GORE-TEX membrane®: a GORE-TEX® membrane is an ultra-thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). It has more than 1.4 billion pores per cm2. It is these pores which make GORE-TEX® materials waterproof, breathable and windproof.

GORE-TEX® WINDSTOPPER® laminate: products made from GORE® WINDSTOPPER® laminates are completely windproof and guarantee maximum breathability to optimise comfort in the cold and wind. The membrane is completely windproof, but at the same time highly breathable, preventing wind from penetrating and allowing water vapour to be given off.

HERRINGBONE FABRIC: Herringbone-patterned fabric resembles the backbone structure of herring (like a zig-zag), hence the name. It is a general term for woven fabrics that are constructed in a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern.

HOUNDSTOOTH CHECK: Houndstooth Check originated in Scotland in the 1800, it was originally worn as an outer garment of woven wool cloth by shepherds. Houndstooth Check is a duo-tone textile pattern and it is popular in tweed and wool fabrics. The pattern is characterised by its abstract four-pointed shapes, most often in black and white.

JERSEY: in the 1800s, "jersey" was used by fishermen from the island with the same name in the English Channel a knitted, naturally stretch fabric obtained by working practically any textile fibre. It remained unknown outside that world until Coco Chanel used it for her haute couture creations from 1916 onwards. Today, jersey fabrics are particularly suitable for sportswear.

MARBLE EFFECT: The “marble effect” fabric of this cap is obtained by sublimation. The irregular effect of waves, veins and streaks is truly original.

MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY: Minimizes overheating and moisture vapor build up by allowing perspiration to escape easily through the extremely breathable membrane.

MID VISOR: New type of visor with a shape between the flat and pre-curved visors, in perfect American style

MOLESKIN: he term fustian (also known as moleskin) comes from Al Frustat, the Cairo suburb where this fabric originated. It is a dense cotton fabric made from very tough yarns, napped and fluffy on the front and rough on the back. Its distinctive appearance is reminiscent of suede leather. It comes in numerous types, with a smooth or more or less velvety surface. Lustrous faux jersey fabric Moleskin look fabric

ONE TOUCH® technology: In the CAP ONE with pre-curved visor and SNAP ONE with flat visor versions, the ONE TOUCH® collection is the result of a revolutionary production process enabling fabric to be created with a round shape. A cap made from a “single piece” of fabric, without panels or seams, perfect for any customisation and adaptable to all sizes

PANAMA STYLE : The Panama hat is so named precisely because the workers building the Canal used it to protect from the torrid sun - a legendary hat allowing correct transpiration, even at very hot temperatures. Today it is considered one of the best-known summer fashion accessories, to the point where, in 2009, its merits earned it UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. All this, thanks to the materials it was - and is - made from.

PIGMENT DYED: Pigment dyed caps are coloured with special ground pigment, creating a more distressed or washed look than with a traditional dying technique.

PRINCE OF WALES: Dating back to the early 19th century, the Glen Check or Prince of Wales pattern is made up of two dark and two light stripes alternating with four dark and four light stripes to create a crossing pattern of irregular checks. The Glen Check pattern is considered in the fashion world both classic and contemporary identifying a stylish look with an undeniably sophisticated European tone.

Q-MAX TECHNOLOGY: sweat band made from breathable fabric

RIBBED FABRIC: Whether coloured, marinière or pinstripes, in fashion, stripes have always set the pace, bringing with them a multitude of meanings. That symbol of striped elegance, the Navy uniform, dates from the 1930s, just as the South American folk style with its original multi-coloured stripes exploded in the 1950s.

SALT AND PEPPER FABRIC: The name comes from its appearance, reminiscent of salt and pepper sprinkled over the surface. The pattern is made up of minute stitches in contrasting colour yarns. It is typically used in worsted wool fabrics.

SATIN: Satin’s smooth, lustrous, uniform surface makes it the most highly appreciated and popular fabric in the fashion world. It is made principally from silk and its history is therefore closely linked to that of silk itself, the exquisite fabric which for millennia characterised the garments worn by the Chinese nobility. It is considered a particularly precious fabric. Today satin can also be made from man-made fibres such as rayon or synthetic fibres such as polyester.

SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY: completely seamless baseball cap with panels welded with internal adhesive band.

STRETCHABLE MESH: Stretch mesh for a perfect fit and maximum comfort

SUEDE FABRIC: Suede dates back to the time of the American Indians who used this technique to tan the hides to make their clothes and accessories. The “suede” trend became fashionable among the masses with the hippy fashion of the 1960s and 1970s.

TARTAN: Tartan is a unique textile design comprising woven bands or stripes

TOTALLY WINDPROOF: Protects the body’s warmth from the chilling effects of wind by using a totally windproof membrane.

TWILL: Twill a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs and a front and a back side, one with a weft effect, the other with a warp effect.

VELVET: Velvet is the most noble, elegant and sensual of fabrics originating in the Orient in the 13th century, then becoming famous throughout Europe thanks to the talent of Italian craftsmen. The lustrous tones and silky warmth of this fabric evoking long-ago times and regal garments have always been appreciated by designers and artists.

WATER REPELLENT: A durable outer fabric treatment (DWR) provides you additional protection of water repellency.

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